Arranging, transcribing or adapting a song is different from “covering” a song, and it can be confusing at first to discern the difference. A cover of a song consists of performing the song in substantially the same format and instrumentation as the original.

Artist: Daddy Yankee and the Puerto Rico Symphonic Orchestra

Song: “Yo contra ti” ("Me Against You")

Album: YO CONTRA TI is a song by Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee featuring the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra. It was composed for a breast cancer campaign in partnership with foundations Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico and J. Walter Thompson. It received a Grammy nomination for BEST URBAN FUSION for its mix of urban and Edy’s symphonic arrangement.

Credit: Arranger

About Daddy Yankee: Daddy Yankee is one of the most influential Hispanic artists in the world having sold 20 million records worldwide and has the most seen YouTube video (Despacito) in history with 6.3 billion views

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Artist: Sergio Vallin featuring Carlos Santana, Steve Vai, Alejandro Sanz, Juan Luis Guerra, Arturo Sandoval, Maná, Marco Antonio Sólis

Song: Full album

Album: Micro Symphonies (to be released)

Credit: Producer / Arranger

About the artists and project: Full orchestral album (arrangements and production) with Sergio Vallin (Maná’s guitarist) featuring some of the most prominent Latin artists such as Carlos Santana, Alejandro Sanz, Maná and even guitarist superstar Steve Vai, among other music icons. The album is to be released soon.

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Artist: José Luis Perales

Album: “Mirándote a los Ojos” (2019):

Songs: “Y cómo es Él?”, “Celos de mi Guitarra”, “Si…”, “Un Velero llamado Libertad”, “Quisiera decir tu Nombre”, “Y te vas”, “Cosas de Doña Asunción”, “Canción de Otoño”, “Te Quiero”, “Me Llamas”, “Ella y Él”, “El Amor”, “Balada para una Despedida”, “Amada Mía”, “Que canten los Niños”

Album: “Calma” (2016):

Songs: “Calma”, El Reencuentro”

Credit: Arranger

About José Luis Perales: Perales is a singer/songwriter who has recorded 27 albums with 50 million copies sold worldwide and is the most covered spanish speaking artists in the world. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and last year he received the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts. Additionally Perales has been a lyricist for many other notable artists.

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Artist: Asaconosu

Song: 南壽あさ子「すみれになって」”Become Violet”

Album: Neutral

Credit: Arranger

About the artist: Japanese singer.

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Artist: Plácido Domingo and Pablo Sainz Villegas

Song: “Historia de un Amor”

Album: “Volver” (2018)

Credit: Arranger

About the artist: Placido Domingo is a 14 Grammy award winner Spanish opera singer, conductor and arts administrator. Placido Domingo has recorded over a hundred complete operas and performed regularly in the most prestigious opera houses in the world and is one of the most iconic opera personalities of all time. He was part of Three Tenors, whose recordings became the best-selling classical album of all time.

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Artist: Manuel Mijares

Songs: “Para amarnos más”, “Si me tenías”. Additional arrangements: “Cuando me vaya”, “María Bonita”, “Te extraño”.

Album: Mijares Sinfónico (2016)

Credit: Arranger

About the artist: Mijares is one of the most important adult-contemporary pop singers in Latin America with a total of 27 studio albums, innumerable hits and more than 22 million sold records. He has received numerous awards worldwide such as Grammy, Gold and Platinum records, which among his 30 year trajectory has made him one of the biggest and most recognized pop icons in Mexico. This was a symphonic re-imagination of the singer’s greatest hits spanning three decades which premiered in Palacio de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Palace) where the most notable events in music, dance, theatre, opera and literature have been hosted. The Palacio de Bellas Artes has been called the "Cathedral of Art in Mexico".

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Artist: Antonio Orozco

Songs: “Temblando”, “Siempre fue mucho más fácil”, “Llegará”.

Album: “Dos orillas”(2013)

Credit: Arranger

About the artist: Antonio Orozco has been number one in Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Top 10 in Argentina, the United States and Mexico, among other countries. He has become one of the most popular "coaches" of The Voice in Spain. With more than 1,500,000 albums sold, 9 platinum records and one gold record, seven albums published to date, and more than 1,000 concerts in Spain and Latin America. DOS ORILLAS became Antonio Orozco’s #1 album and double platinum album.

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Other arranging projects include numerous collaborations for live concert of both rock and jazz. Most notably, “Jazztory” a telling of the roots and history of Jazz till the 1960s for symphony orchestra and jazz sextet